Designing A Bathroom: Style On A Budget

Simple Bathroom Design On A Budget

BATHROOMS: Style On A Budget

Not everyone wants to make a bold statement in the bathroom – simplicity Apple style is the key to having the latest look that works.

Simple minimalist form with natural curves and sharp clean lines, blended together with subtle tones and fresh neutral colours is often all that is required.

Often subtle changes with one or two appropriate purchases can transform and brighten any dull and outdated bathroom without breaking the renovation budget.

Below you will find a few guidelines to help you create beautiful bathrooms. Our design strategy is to focus on functional beauty and the essentials of bathroom design with tips that are easy, inexpensive and ultimately reflect our Aussie lifestyle.

The Bathroom Blueprint

Ways to bring the latest simple look and a little luxury into your favourite bathing zone:

  1. The vanity and basin is the focal point of your bathroom, being the central feature it is important to replace a basin with an inexpensive minimalist basin which will go a long way in modernising your bathroom.
  2. When it comes to selecting a bath the first thing to note is your space restriction and requirements. A carefully selected bath that uses the simplest of forms will always demand attention and give you a reason to escape into the realm of relaxation.
  3. Aussie professionals are busy and everyday clutter can take away even from the most beautiful bathrooms. It’s important to have the option to quickly hide everyday items from visitors. A simple shaving cabinet with emergency space can do wonders when unexpected visitors arrive.
  4. Always accessorise with minimalist tapware as the perfect way to finalise and express your understated bathroom style.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you need to spend a fortune on a brand… think different by embracing simplicity and functionality.

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