The Real Meaning Behind Two-Up

The Real Meaning Behind Two-Up

When you play two-up this Anzac Day remember that while you may have lost some pocket change our service men and women paid the ultimate price for our freedoms.

Let us honour our service men and women.

‘Lest we forget’

Why we play two-up on Anzac Day

The Real Meaning Behind Two-up - Lest we forget

Soldiers Playing Two-Up

They Shall Grow Not Old

They shall grow not old,
as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them,
nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun
and in the morning
We will remember them.

~Laurence Binyon’s

Toll Gantry Codes Melbourne

Melbourne City Link
MCL-1A – Moreland Rd
MCL-1B – Moreland
MCL- 2A – Racecourse Rd
MCL- 2B – Dynon Rd
MCL-3A – Bolte Bridge
MCL-3B – Bolte Bridge
MCL-4A – Punt Rd Exit
MCL-4B – Batman Ave Exit
MCL-5A – Burnley St Exit
MCL-5B – Burnley Tunnel
MCL-6A – Toorak Rd
MCL-6B – Toorak R
MCL-7A – Swan St
MCL-8A – Exhibition St
MCL-8B – Exhibition St
MCL-9A – Batman Ave
MCL-9B – Domain Tunnel

Connect East
CE-01N – Ringwood Bypass to Springvale Rd (via Tunnel)
CE-01S – Springvale Rd to Ringwood Bypass (via Tunnel)
CE-2N – Canterbury Rd to Maroondah Hwy
CE-2S – Maroondah Hwy to Canterbury Rd
CE-3N – Boronia Rd to Canterbury Rd
CE-3S – Canterbury Rd to Boronia Rd
CE-4N – Burwood Hwy to Boronia Rd
CE-4S – Boronia Rd to Burwood Hwy
CE-5N – High Street Rd to Burwood Hwy
CE-5S – Burwood Hwy to High Street Rd
CE-6N – Ferntree Gully Rd to High Street Rd
CE-6S – High Street Rd to Ferntree Gully Rd
CE-7N – Wellington Rd to Ferntree Gully Rd
CE-7S – Ferntree Gully Rd to Wellington Rd
CE-8N – Police Rd to Wellington Rd
CE-8S – Wellington Rd to Police Rd
CE-9N – Princes Hwy to Monash Fwy
CE-9S – Monash Fwy to Princes Hwy
CE-10N – Cheltenham Rd to Princes Hwy
CE-10S – Princes Hwy to Cheltenham Rd
CE-11N – Greens Rd to Dand. South. Bypass
CE-11S – Dand. South. Bypass to Greens Rd
CE-12N – Thompson Rd to Greens Rd
CE-12S – Greens Rd to Thompson Rd
CE-13N – Frankston Fwy to Thompson Rd
CE-13S – Thompson Rd to Frankston Fwy

Toll Gantry Codes Queensland

Qld Motorway

QML-001 – Gateway
QML-008 – Kuraby
QML-002 – Loganlea
QML-004 – Staplyton

CLEM7 Motorway Hide

CLEM7-001 – Clem7 North
CLEM7-002 – Clem7 South

Go Between Bridge (GBB) Hide

GBB-N01 – Northbound Toll Point
GBB-S01 – Southbound Toll Point

AirportLinkM7 (ALM7)Hide

BCSAPL-01A – Bowen Hills Entry
BCSAPL-01B – Bowen Hills Exit
BCSAPL-02A – Toombul to Bowen Hills
BCSAPL-02B – Bowen Hills to Toombul
BCSAPL-03A – Toombul Entry
BCSAPL-03B – Toombul Exit

ChargeLess Taxi Cash Register by HAGOOLE

ChargeLess Taxi Cash Register

ChargeLess Taxi Cash Register

Galaxy Nexus already offers NFC (Near Field Communication) capability and the iPhone 5 is almost here.


The Taxi Cash Register is a practical and efficient application which details and calculates the TOTAL taxi fare, including all relevant charges associated with a particular fare, such as tolls and eftpos service fees.

More importantly if you are a taxi driver or operator and combine this application with a standard business (eftpos terminal) it will make you thousands of dollars!!

Buy this App from the App Store BUY NOW.


ChargeLess Taxi Cash Register Screenshots


1. Currently, the majority of taxi drivers manually calculate all the different tolls and charges associated with a particular fare and then add these amounts to the cost of the fare on the meter – this often leads to many perplexed customers who question the amount of the tolls and ultimately the total fare;

2. The amount of the fare (together with the cost of the tolls) is then entered into an existing eftpos terminal and a 10% surcharge on this amount is charged to the customer;

3. NOW with Taxi Cash Register (combined with a standard eftpos business terminal), the taxi driver can:

(a) efficiently calculate the value of multiple tolls, the service fee and the total taxi fare;
(b) process the transaction by using an independent eftpos business terminal obtained by the taxi driver from his/her selected financial institution; and
(c) keep the majority of the service fee!!

4. The taxi driver may elect to reduce the service fee charged to customers in an attempt to win regular customers – for example by charging 7% service fee instead of the usual total 11% after the GST on service fee is applied.

5. A detailed receipt from the Taxi Cash Register can also be printed or emailed directly to the customer

Version 1.0 Calculates and emails detailed receipts (out now on iTunes)
Version 1.1 AirPrint support allowing for bluetooth printing, (waiting for Apple to approve new version)
Version 1.3 NFS payment capability as supported by the Google Android Galaxy Nexus and the iPhone 5 which is just around the corner plus application support of specialised accessory which permits credit card scanning, smart card reading and printing(coming soon)

To contact the young punk developer of the TAXI CASH REGISTER please click here.

*ChargeLess inspired by HAGOOLE Price Comparison… before you buy !!!

What is Monopolistic Competition?


Yes Google’s dominance is GOOD for the consumer!

Allow me to explain this seemingly contradictory yet true paradox!


In the western world the most common type of market structure is Monopolistic Competition. Monopolistic competition is not a Monopoly!

Monopolistic Competition is when competing firms differentiate their products one from another on everything other than PRICE.

This often leads to big players sharing the market which can be viewed as a form of collusion; leading to greater profits for participants but only at the expense of the consumer. The result is prices are kept well above what would be expected in a ‘Perfect Competition’ market structure.

With product differentiation being the standard marketing practice, certain successful firms have been forced to compete more aggressively as a result of factors including Google (and the internet)! >:) (Evil Grin)


Is Google’s search market dominance good or evil?

With Google (GOOG) being the only effective gateway to the world wide web market; monopolistic companies are teaming up against GOOG in an effort to try and avoide competition by refusing to compete on the same platform.

US Google Market Share UK Google Market Share

An attempt split the search market based on differentiating factors such as aesthetics would set up a demographic where ‘monopolistic companies’ could use Google Adwords to reach IT savvy individuals while the second search engine could be used as a means of reaching the other (default) consumer. With a definite split in the search market, competing firms would have a greater opportunity to operate under a form of imperfect competition.

The whole Google model has been about speed, technology and competition. Now while this may work for GOOG (10 years ahead of its competitors) it may not be an appealing scenario for other less innovative mega firms which may be selling more homogeneous (standard) products. In such cases, sale targets are reached by influencing consumer decisions through non-price competition advertising (often highlighting aesthetics and subtle product differentiation) and only targeting their specific market demographic more suited to their market share.

Google Market Share - Australia

Google places the world’s information at the fingertips of the average consumer and a split in the search market will mean less competition.

The bottom line being that Google’s quest to drive the Worlds Information to the average consumer is now hurting monopolistic companies as consumers have access to more information today than the head of CIA had 20 years back. People are no longer moved by advertising alone but require retailers to prove their worth as we ‘Google’ the world for reviews, alternatives, social opinions, price comparisons and even taking into account currency exchange rates while shopping internationally. This vast spectrum of second opinions has placed Google on the side of the average consumer at the expense of the worn out Goliaths. The sad thing is if Google loses the war with ‘monopolistic competition’ on legal grounds that Google itself is a ‘monopoly’ – it is the consumer who will eventually pay for it.

Google Price Comparison Search Screenshot

Recent questions raised by the European Commission regarding Google’s search functions and how its advertising is sold should concern the consumer with its clear anti-trust overtones. While I believe governments should regulate big business which would include banks, telecommunication companies, big manufacturers, software and internet giants like Google the question I would like to raise is “Why did they miss the big picture?” Why hasn’t the government noticed the GOOD that the highly competitive Google model has done to our world and competition in general?

GOOG stands for GOOD!


Taxi Fare Charges

Taxi Fare Charges – 1 JULY 2014

If you are using the ChargeLess Taxi Cash Register these are the latest Taxi Meter charges that should be entered into the settings section of the meter.

Hiring Charge = $3.60
Waiting Time = $56.68
Tariff 1 per km = $2.19
Tariff 2 per km = Tariff 1 + 20% (Automatic)
Booking Fee = $2.50

Tolls: All tolls are payable in addition to the authorised fare in relation to a journey in a taxi-cab licensed to operate in either an Urban Area or a Country Area.