ChargeLess Taxi Cash Register by HAGOOLE

ChargeLess Taxi Cash Register

ChargeLess Taxi Cash Register

Galaxy Nexus already offers NFC (Near Field Communication) capability and the iPhone 5 is almost here.


The Taxi Cash Register is a practical and efficient application which details and calculates the TOTAL taxi fare, including all relevant charges associated with a particular fare, such as tolls and eftpos service fees.

More importantly if you are a taxi driver or operator and combine this application with a standard business (eftpos terminal) it will make you thousands of dollars!!

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1. Currently, the majority of taxi drivers manually calculate all the different tolls and charges associated with a particular fare and then add these amounts to the cost of the fare on the meter – this often leads to many perplexed customers who question the amount of the tolls and ultimately the total fare;

2. The amount of the fare (together with the cost of the tolls) is then entered into an existing eftpos terminal and a 10% surcharge on this amount is charged to the customer;

3. NOW with Taxi Cash Register (combined with a standard eftpos business terminal), the taxi driver can:

(a) efficiently calculate the value of multiple tolls, the service fee and the total taxi fare;
(b) process the transaction by using an independent eftpos business terminal obtained by the taxi driver from his/her selected financial institution; and
(c) keep the majority of the service fee!!

4. The taxi driver may elect to reduce the service fee charged to customers in an attempt to win regular customers – for example by charging 7% service fee instead of the usual total 11% after the GST on service fee is applied.

5. A detailed receipt from the Taxi Cash Register can also be printed or emailed directly to the customer

Version 1.0 Calculates and emails detailed receipts (out now on iTunes)
Version 1.1 AirPrint support allowing for bluetooth printing, (waiting for Apple to approve new version)
Version 1.3 NFS payment capability as supported by the Google Android Galaxy Nexus and the iPhone 5 which is just around the corner plus application support of specialised accessory which permits credit card scanning, smart card reading and printing(coming soon)

To contact the young punk developer of the TAXI CASH REGISTER please click here.

*ChargeLess inspired by HAGOOLE Price Comparison… before you buy !!!

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