Toll Gantry Codes Melbourne

Melbourne City Link
MCL-1A – Moreland Rd
MCL-1B – Moreland
MCL- 2A – Racecourse Rd
MCL- 2B – Dynon Rd
MCL-3A – Bolte Bridge
MCL-3B – Bolte Bridge
MCL-4A – Punt Rd Exit
MCL-4B – Batman Ave Exit
MCL-5A – Burnley St Exit
MCL-5B – Burnley Tunnel
MCL-6A – Toorak Rd
MCL-6B – Toorak R
MCL-7A – Swan St
MCL-8A – Exhibition St
MCL-8B – Exhibition St
MCL-9A – Batman Ave
MCL-9B – Domain Tunnel

Connect East
CE-01N – Ringwood Bypass to Springvale Rd (via Tunnel)
CE-01S – Springvale Rd to Ringwood Bypass (via Tunnel)
CE-2N – Canterbury Rd to Maroondah Hwy
CE-2S – Maroondah Hwy to Canterbury Rd
CE-3N – Boronia Rd to Canterbury Rd
CE-3S – Canterbury Rd to Boronia Rd
CE-4N – Burwood Hwy to Boronia Rd
CE-4S – Boronia Rd to Burwood Hwy
CE-5N – High Street Rd to Burwood Hwy
CE-5S – Burwood Hwy to High Street Rd
CE-6N – Ferntree Gully Rd to High Street Rd
CE-6S – High Street Rd to Ferntree Gully Rd
CE-7N – Wellington Rd to Ferntree Gully Rd
CE-7S – Ferntree Gully Rd to Wellington Rd
CE-8N – Police Rd to Wellington Rd
CE-8S – Wellington Rd to Police Rd
CE-9N – Princes Hwy to Monash Fwy
CE-9S – Monash Fwy to Princes Hwy
CE-10N – Cheltenham Rd to Princes Hwy
CE-10S – Princes Hwy to Cheltenham Rd
CE-11N – Greens Rd to Dand. South. Bypass
CE-11S – Dand. South. Bypass to Greens Rd
CE-12N – Thompson Rd to Greens Rd
CE-12S – Greens Rd to Thompson Rd
CE-13N – Frankston Fwy to Thompson Rd
CE-13S – Thompson Rd to Frankston Fwy

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