Best Football Predictions App


There is a new football predictions app appropriately named the “Hand of god” App.

The app is interesting because it allows users to predict the result of sporting events by combining the fans interpretation with sophisticated statistical analysis.

The application claims to have more than 50 years of sports data on the back-end of this app, giving the user statistically accurate predictions for any matchup. The user can adjust predictions to account for almost any game-day variables, be it weather, injuries, referees, special motivation, etc. This allows you to examine how subjective elements can change the outcome of games, in a neat, easy way that allows you to predict games more accurately.

Hand of god
If you struggle with picking games, making a concrete decision for a particular football game, or just want to analyse sports in a whole new way, then this app is for you.

The “Hand of god App” is not a gambling app (you will not be able to make bets via this app) but we may run some contests in the future hence the 17+ rating.

The only criticism is that the backend data will only update when you restart the Hand of god App rather then seamlessly updating on the backend.

In any case remember, percentages are JUST probabilities and are not a guaranteed outcome. Be smart and know that sometimes you will still have to make a call; for even a 25% draw chance will happen 2 or 3 times out of 10 games!

You may get more information about the Hand of god App here: Football Predictions

Predict international football games, domestic leagues such as EPL (English Premier League), LFP (Spanish League), Bundesliga (Germany), Serie A (Italy), Ligue 1 (France), A-League (Australia), Eredivisie (Netherlands), MLS (USA), Primera Division (Argentina), Serie A (Brasil), Superleague (Greece), Primeira Liga (Portugal), Super Lig (Turkey), American Football, NBA, Rugby League, Australian Rules, Tennis and more to come…